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Real money casinos vs non-gambling activities

Las Vegas Real-Money Casinos vs. Las Vegas Non-Gambling Activities

With its burgeoning art and music scene, Las Vegas is a metropolis that keeps on attracting visitors from all around the world. Aside from live shows, various performances, and other kinds of entertainment, this tourist draw has to offer a wide range of gambling activities. If you wish to come any time soon and are not sure whether you are going to gamble or not, we have good news for you. We narrowed your choice down to the list of five resorts where you will able to combine both. Read on for more.

Circus Circus — Adventuredome Theme Park

Casino resorts have been trying to get in the focus of family vacations, even though their primary purpose is entertaining gamblers from around the world. At least that applies to most of the casino resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. However, Circus Circus Resort has grown to appeal to the families with its exceptional Adventuredome Theme Park and a bunch of other interesting activities.

This indoor theme park, situated under a massive pink dome, features arcades, coasters, and even a 4-D movie theater. While your children are on a thrilling roller coaster ride, maybe you could take a rest at the miniature golf course or the restaurant nearby.

If you had something different on your mind such as American Roulette or Pontoon, you can stop by and play at a casino for real money with the croupiers. There are more than 50 table games and 1,500 slot machines in their offer enriched with an excellent promotional scheme. You will not cut your trip short if you decide to visit this venue, that’s for sure.

Bellagio — Conservatory and Botanical Garden

Before we jump right to the horticultural paradise scene, let’s talk about the famous Bellagio. This is considered to be one of the primary gaming destinations that has been entertaining its VIP clientele for over 20 years.

If you are a fan of gambling, on this property, you will be able to find nothing more than the most elegant staff giving you the finest gaming experience. Within this 116,000-square-foot casino space, you will be able to try over 2,000 slots, 40 table games, and two high-limit areas.

The mixture of thrill and exceptional elegance will seduce you, but there is another impressive thing within the Bellagio premises. The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a floral playground that has been entertaining guests season after season.

The gardeners are ensuring that magic happens every season, organizing events for the Chinese New Year and many other important dates throughout the year. It is really marvelous since there are over six million plants, giant trees, butterflies, birds, and water fountains. Most hotels have gardeners, but the Bellagio has 150 of them who make sure everything looks amazing. No matter which season of the year you choose to come to visit, you will not go wrong. Make sure to visit this botanical paradise!

Mandalay Bay — The Shark Reef

This venue is one of the most massive quads on the Strip. The gaming repertoire is very diverse, offering over 1,200 slot and video poker machines, over 50 table choices, and exclusive VIP players’ service. This 43-story luxury resort holds a 12,000 seat arena, over 24 MasterChef restaurants, bars, and lounges.

The breezy, sandy-beach property is known for offering its guests a chance to play at a casino for real money and earn real prizes such as accommodation, free meals, or show tickets. Before embarking on the adventures this site has to offer, include the spectacular Shark Reef in your itinerary. If you are on your way to the convention center, take a turn to the most captivating place on this property.

The Reef brings you into the unique underworld setting featuring piranhas, rays, crocodiles, millions of exotic fish, and over 100 sharks. An impressive tunnel leads you through the 1.3 million gallons exhibit filled with these fantastic animals. You will have the opportunity to become an aquarist for one day and partake in the feeding of stingrays or even dive with over 50 sharks.

No matter whether you are more interested in feeding a Komodo dragon, shark diving, or visiting their newest exhibition called Polar Journey Interactive adventure, you will surely enjoy your stay. Get a better sense of what it’s like to be under the sea and make sure to take pictures!

The Venetian — Gondola Rides

The Venetian comprises of a large hotel and a casino complex, offering over 7,000 suites of luxury with old-world-ode hospitality and interesting features. This site is an excellent destination for couples who wish to relax, wine, and dine.

There are over 40 different restaurants included, and numerous events are taking place in their 18,000 seat arena. If you two prefer to start with gambling activities after enjoying the Venetian’s high-quality food offer, you will be satisfied with their 100,000 sq feet of casino space.

Over 1,200 slot machines are separated by a high-limit room where you can find over 500 slots that are meant for high-rollers only. You can play for a massive $5,000 a spin or enjoy daily organized slot tournaments. Their table offer is vibrant — over 140 choices with titles you will not stumble on that easily — Buster Blackjack, Flushes Gone Wild, and many, many more.

When you finish with their poker room and the rest of the entertainment, we kindly suggest hopping to Venice for a moment. Take a ride in an authentic Venetian gondola and enjoy your journey through the Grand Canal. No matter if you choose an outdoor or an indoor ride, you will enjoy an enchanting atmosphere gliding beneath the bridges, balconies, and Venetian-style cafes. Surrender to the romance at the end of your exciting day and let the gondolier sweep you off your feet with authentic Italian songs.

The Flamingo — The Wildlife Habitat

The famous casino opened by the notorious gangster Bugsy Siegel has always been one of the main attractions on the Las Vegas Boulevard. This resort is known for a good hotel rate, bustling party pool, high-quality music shows, and a panoramic view on the Strip.

When it comes to the gambling part of your experience, you will surely enjoy in 72,000 sq feet of space featuring two smaller pit areas. Both offer an excellent choice of entertainment and confirm once again — gambling doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor.

You can test your luck on their rich offer of table games or slot machines for $5 minimum and not blow your money away. Even though nothing is enticing about the fortune you could make here, at least you are not blowing it all away in one night.

However, if you wish to spend more, just walk through the slot room and enter a high-limit room where each game has a $150 minimum. But the most interesting part of this resort is just outside the Flamingo’s doors — the Wildlife Habitat. Get up close and personal with exotic ducks and flamingos and feel miles away from the city lights.

Every visitor has been amazed by this peaceful oasis of wildlife, waterfalls, over 50 species of exotic birds, around 20 turtles, and over 300 sorts of fish. This habitat is open all day and in the evening and is entirely free to visit.

The sound of hummingbirds creates a “sonic wall,” shutting out all the noise coming from the casino and spreading around 200,000 sq feet of absolute wildlife paradise. Enjoy in the beautiful nature and get to know the habitat’s residents.


No matter if you are here for a meeting at the convention center, or you’re checking out a casino venue or visiting the city to witness all the glitz and glamour surrounding it, you will surely have a good time.

As this metropolis changes to meet its visitor’s needs, the offer of non-gambling activities continues to grow. Nowadays, Sin City has everything you might need — a gondola ride, a wild habitat, a reef filled with hundreds of sharks, or an adventurous theme park.

From educational family visits to romantic Venetian rides, this city caters to all. Mixed with glamorous elegance, thrilling gaming experience, and lavish hotels, the Strip has every kind of amenity you could possibly imagine, offering a fun-filled escape. Enjoy your stay!

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