Play Casino for Real Money or Non-Gambling Activities — What to Choose?

Being a gambler is risky business, and more often than not, a costly hobby. Still, this doesn’t discourage people from all over the world from gambling and even visiting different locations just for the sake of it. In case you’re from Paris and you gamble in one of the casinos there, you will wish for a change of scenery after a while. So you can just pack your bags and go to Las Vegas or Macau. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose — they’re both quite exquisite locations.

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The question is, why do gamblers do this? Why would you want to spend even more money on traveling abroad just to gamble? Well, it’s quite simple actually — there’s more to gambling than just winning or losing. In the end, gambling can often be just an additional activity while you’re on vacation. If you love gambling so much and you happen to be in the middle of Melbourne, why wouldn’t you play at a casino for real money? After all, gambling doesn’t care about your gender. If you’re a mum who needs a break from family and kids, you can always spend a reasonable amount of money gambling. You might as well enjoy a good cocktail while doing so.

But what do you do if you’re in Sin City and are not a gambler at all? Inevitably enough, you hear stories on a daily basis how this magnificent city is only good for gambling or getting married overnight. What should you do if casino games and slot machines don’t give you any thrill at all? No need to worry, although many global cities have a reputation as great gambling grounds, they have a lot more to offer than that. As someone who had spent some time on both ends (gambling and not gambling), I’m about to give you all the reasons why you can have plenty of fun with or without gambling nearly everywhere in the world.

Gambling — Why Do We Do It?

Chips on the tableGambling has probably been around for as long as humans — our ancestors loved the anticipation and risk just as much as we do. Historians traced gambling all the way back to ancient China, Persia, and Greek and Roman eras. Basically, all of the modern games we know and love today emerged millennia ago. Should you walk into a land-based casino, everything you see, other than slots, is probably older than your great-grandparents.

Whether we do it for the sake of fun or just to earn some easy money is irrelevant — what matters is that most of us love it. The reasons to hit a casino if you’re in one of the famous gambling cities are aplenty. In case you’re from the United States or visiting, you already know that Nevada is your go-to state should you wish to bet. This is mostly because gambling in the USA is still a somewhat hot topic — nobody is quite sure yet whether it’s ok to do it or not. Not even the states. Alas, this is not something Nevada and its residents should be concerned about — this state has been ahead of the rest for a while now. It has the most flexible gambling laws of them all, with casinos scattered all over the place. And most of the games are allowed in one form or another. If you walk into any Las Vegas casino, you can easily find plenty of table games or play slots. The game lists in most of these brick-and-mortars are quite long, which is an excellent thing for gamblers.

But let’s put all that aside — what are the other reasons to gamble except for earning money and having fun? Well, for one, most of the casinos in Vegas and Macau belong to very luxurious resorts. If you’re a gambler who likes to bet big, and if you’re ready to risk it with no fear, these resorts will make sure to pamper you and shower you with nice gestures. I do advise you not to have too much alcohol — it’s usually just a way to get you drunk, so you spend more. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a fancy cocktail or two.

Additionally, these resorts include high-class hotels where you can stay. They might be costly, but that’s what makes the hotel rooms stunning. Plus, a casino is only an elevator ride away — it’s like online gambling, only better. This is the equivalent of online casinos where you can join anytime you want. There are plenty of gamblers who want gambling to be available to them at all times, but they still don’t like to play online. After all, the atmosphere of a casino is something outstanding, and online casinos can never bring you such a thrill.

Some of the Best Gambling Locations

No matter where you are, the chances are that you’ll be able to play and win for real money. Yet some countries are more fond of gambling as leisure than others. In that light, I might become a humble-bragger for only a minute. I’ve visited most of the famous gambling cities in this world, and I would like to recommend a couple of them to you where you can play at a casino for real money and win.

  • Macau
  • Las Vegas
  • Paris
  • London
  • Monte Carlo
  • Atlantic City
  • Singapore
  • Los Angeles
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney

I might add Tokyo to this list very soon — in case you’re not caught up with the latest news, Japan is going to be opening casino resorts very soon. And I can’t wait to visit. It’s safe to say that all of these locations will grant you a fantastic gambling experience. And if your partner is not a fan of betting, they can always spend some quality time in other luxuries these resorts offer. There are swimming pools with bars, saunas, playgrounds for the kids, and even water parks! And at the end of the day, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy all these features once you’re done with the casino as well.

Ultimately, you don’t need me to preach to you about all the benefits of gambling — after all, so many people became millionaires merely because they were lucky enough to hit the jackpot. And although you shouldn’t chase jackpots by betting in all the gambling sites and land-based casinos out there, it is still worth a shot every now and then. Your chances of winning some money are unpredictable, but that’s what gambling means. Either way, if you play at a casino for real money and control your urges, you will never lose too much.

But I’m Not a Gambler!

And that is perfectly fine! Not everyone is the same — as much as some folks adore the risk and the rush of gambling; to others, it doesn’t make a difference at all. If you don’t see the point in gambling or why gamblers are so hooked on it, I understand. Although I am a gambler, I control it — moreover, just a few years ago, I didn’t see much point in this hobby either.

Did that stop me from visiting locations such as Las Vegas though? No, it didn’t. Even before I started actively betting, I still visited many cities famous for their gambling industry. And you know what I found out? Gambling is just one form of entertainment these cities have to offer. Although people go to Vegas to gamble, this city has so much more in store for you. The gambling industry, although prominent, is just one of the reasons why Nevada is so economically strong and popular.

So if you’re a person who played real-money slots only once in your lifetime (you deposited only $10, admit it), I will share my previous experience as a non-gambler with you. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see that Vegas is more than just a city of cards.

What to Do When in Las Vegas?

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical GardensHere’s what most people will tell you about Las Vegas. It’s a gambling capital, you can get married in less than 10 minutes in it, and it’s the capital of Nevada. Here’s why all of these statements are wrong in one way or another. Carson City is the Capital of Nevada, Las Vegas was a gambling capital up until recently, and why would you ever want to get married in under 10 minutes?

All jokes aside, I’m breaking these statements because people don’t quite grasp just how charming this city is. It’s like when you notice a beautiful woman, and just because the society convinced you beauty and wits don’t go together, you believe she’s dumb. Well, she’s not — she’s a beautiful scientist, and you should be ashamed for judging a book by its cover.

In this metaphor, Vegas is a beautiful woman, which makes you the judgmental person. But you can easily fix this by visiting Las Vegas for something other than gambling. Here are a couple of locations that you can attend for free, and none of them include playing at a casino for real money.

  • Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
  • Fountains at the Bellagio
  • LINQ Promenade
  • M&M World
  • Fremont Street Experience


Fountain Las VegasAll of these attractions are completely off-charge, and you’d be blown away to find out how entertaining they are.

Bellagio Gardens are a marvelous sight for anyone — it doesn’t matter if you’re a nature lover or not. And visiting them is a non-gambling activity. Each season, there are different various flower species to indulge your senses.

Bellagio’s Fountains are amazing due to their daily water shows. The water moves in the beat of the music, and many tourists in Las Vegas enjoy this sight. It leaves you hypnotized.

Stationed between LINQ Casino and the Flamingo Hotel, this walking area reminds of a New York City neighborhood. There, you can find plenty of restaurants, lovely cafés, and a couple of clothing stores. Of course, you don’t have to spend a single penny. You can always just have some quality time by strolling through this walking area.

M&M WorldM&M world is an obvious choice for all the people with a sweet tooth. Obviously, you can’t just grab all the candy for free — you will have to buy it. However, the good side is that the sweets here are ridiculously cheap. And if you happen to be on a diet, you may as well just enter and enjoy the smell of chocolate.

Many people claim that Fremont is the real Las Vegas. You can find the Fremont Street Experience downtown. The best thing about it is that both gamblers and non-gamblers get to enjoy there. And in case you wish to bet, the games are not nearly as expensive as those in luxurious casinos. If you don’t wish to gamble, there are free light shows and free concerts as well. Also, drinks and food are very affordable, so you won’t spend that much money.

LINQ PromenadeDowntown Las Vegas is the heart of the city with Fremont Street going directly through. Visiting this part of the town that is located north of the Strip, is something that you shouldn’t miss. There are so many museums like the Neon Museum, the Mob Museum, or even the Writer’s Block and many other of the Las Vegas museums and galleries.

Besides, you could always go on a trip to visit the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, or simply enjoy walking around the city. The Strip is something that you shouldn’t miss since there are many things that you can try and enjoy like the Eiffel Tower and the High Roller, which is a giant Ferris wheel. Furthermore, one of the exciting things is

Spending Money Is Not a Problem for You

Is that so? In that case, Las Vegas has impressive social events to offer. For example, there’s the Flamingo Pool Party. Believe it or not, this is not reserved for the wealthiest and most elite guests of Las Vegas. On the contrary, a ticket to this event is only $15. You’ll join a DJ and guests cooling down in the swimming pool sipping on their drinks.

Hakkasan is one of the most popular clubs in Las Vegas. If you’re a big lover of the clubbing scene and EDM, then this is your place to go. In case you firmly believe that going to a casino and playing slots or poker is a waste of time, then Hakkasan will undoubtedly offer a good alternative. The club is not too pricey, although this does depend on how popular the guest DJ is. In case you’re a big fan of Steve Aoki, then be ready to pay a bit more for this amazing experience.

Also, believe it or not, there are places in Las Vegas dedicated to Beer Pong only. You will find plenty of these in Sin City — a couple of them are located at the LINQ Promenade. The atmosphere in nearly all of them is quite amazing, and it’s an experience you won’t forget, especially if you’re still young.

Gambling Activities in Las Vegas vs Non-Gambling Activities

So Which One Will You Choose?It would be wrong to claim that one thing is better than the other, there are so many things that you can do while visiting Sin City. If you are looking to gamble, you will probably have any game that you can imagine. On the other hand, non-gamblers will have so much fun as well. There are so many national parks around the city, as well as attractions that anyone can visit. From the High Roller to Hoover Dam. Furthermore, you can experience the spirit of many European cities while in Vegas like enjoying a gondola ride in Venetian or visit the replica of the Eiffel tower. In the end, it is important for you to have fun while visiting Vegas, and you should do what will make you happy.

As I was writing this text, I had one major concern — what if I convince non-gamblers to start gambling and vice versa? But then, I realized there’s no harm in it. My point was to prove that even if you do go to Las Vegas, Macau, Singapore, or any other famous location, you should step out of your comfort zone. Whether you play at a casino for real money, or enjoy a day at the spa, you will end up having fun either way.

If this text convinced you that gambling at these famous locations is not so bad after all, then good for you! Maybe you’ll like it more than you believe, but try to keep it responsible. However, it might so happen that you’re in Las Vegas, and you remember this text all of a sudden. If it results in you not even visiting a casino but all of the other attractions, don’t worry. No matter how entertaining gambling is, you should occasionally take a break from it. Casinos offer a lot, that’s true — but you might want to take a break from the constant war against the house edge of a casino.

Either way, your choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences. Regardless if you choose to gamble or not, you won’t make a mistake. If anything, you can do both — that’s probably the best way to familiarize yourself with a city you decided to visit. As I’ve said, I’ve been on both ends of the equation, and they’re both equally entertaining in different ways. Have fun!

One of the oldest concepts is that you get free drinks while gambling. It doesn’t matter if you play table games or slots, you will still get free drinks after a while, in many casinos. However, this is not something that you can find in every casino, and you won’t be able to find it in regular cafes, restaurants, or any other non-gambling locations.

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You could stay in any of the hotels in Las Vegas since it is not necessary to gamble in order to stay in a hotel featuring a casino. Among the best hotels are Bellagio, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Delano, and others. You can always check Vdara, which is an excellent hotel for non-smokers and non-gamblers.

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When you visit Las Vegas, there are so many things that you can do. While people usually think of gambling, you can do and see so much more. One of the easiest ways is to take the Big Bus that will take you for a ride across the city. There are also several museums in Vegas that you could visit. Be sure to plan your day carefully since you will have no time to visit everything that Vegas has to offer.

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Las Vegas is known for street performers, so if you take a walk, you will undoubtedly run into Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. One of the most visited locations is Bellagio that offers regular free shows. Besides, the fountains of Bellagio is something that you shouldn’t miss. There are also kitchens that will allow you to sample wine, chocolate factories, and so many other things that you can enjoy without spending a dime.

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Yes. Nevada is one of the five states that legalized online gambling. Furthermore, you can visit one of many websites that offer incredible virtual slots varying from the ones with three reels to five-reel slots. Besides, each of them will give you a chance to win big, and you can even get a number of free spins when you deposit money at an online casino.

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Yes. Online casino games are usually played the same way as the ones in land-based casinos. You can try a plethora of card games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, and many more. Almost every online casino offers different versions of each game. One of the main advantages of online casinos is that there is no physical space, so you won’t have to worry about your favorite game being taken.

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There are so many great casinos that you can try online. The most important thing you should know is if the casino is checked and proven fair. Among the best casinos on the market are BoVegas, Two-Up, GoldenLion, Cherry Gold, Eclipse, and Supernova.

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